Parenting Plan Evaluations

This service is appropriate for parents who have been unsuccessful in resolving custody, access and other parenting issues in the context of a separation/divorce. The Parenting Plan Evaluation (s. 30 CLRA) helps identify the needs and best interests of the child, the ability and willingness of each parent to satisfy the needs of the child, and the child's relationship with each parent. In general, the Assessment sets out the most appropriate parenting arrangement for the child.


The courts, lawyers, parents/guardians of a family court action, and other community professionals may make referrals for this service. I may be appointed by the court or designated by consent order to provide a Parenting Plan Evaulation and make recommendations to parents and/or the courts.


The steps involved in this process include information gathering through interviews, reviewing professional documentation, conducting observational visits and conducting a disclosure meeting. Reaching a settlement is always encouraged and welcomed, particularly during the disclosure meeting. Otherwise, a written Report may be provided and filed in court. The judge references the Report to create a Court Order. However, if a trial is still required, I may be requested to testify about the contents of my Report.


A Parenting Plan Evaluation takes from 40 to 50 hours and three to four months to complete. However, this time frame varies, depending on the family's particular circumstances and if a Report is requested.