Parenting Education and Support

Do you repeatedly complain that your child doesn’t listen? Do you feel overwhelmed with the care of a newborn? Are you disengaged from your adult children and want to build a closer relationship? Are you confused and concerned about your young child’s tantrums, disrespectful and aggressive behaviour? Does your child become volatile, argumentative and emotional from the most benign comments? Are you getting phone calls from your child's school with reports of poor attendance, poor academic performance, and declining grades? Did you discover drugs in your child's gym bag? Is your child withdrawn and sad? Do you find yourself yelling at your child and feeling tremendous guilt afterwards?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, parenting education and support could help you with a variety of parenting challenges. This service could help you build and fine-tune your parenting skills, and help you learn to react in more constructive and positive ways. Your desire to have a more trusting, respectful and peaceful relationship with your child could become a reality.


Common parenting topics that may be addressed in therapy:

•    Postpartum depression, anxiety, and stress

•    Adjusting to parenthood

•    Bonding with baby

•    Creating secure attachments

•    Promoting resilience

•    Childhood or adolescent mental health issues

•    Communication problems

•    Discipline and child management strategies

•    Defiance and disrespect

•    Sleeping and eating issues

•    Self-care

•    Your own childhood triggers and family of origin issues

•    Extended family relations

•    Differing parenting styles

•    Separation/divorce co-parenting

•    Parenting plans

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