Reunification Counselling

This service is used for parent-child contact problems following a separation or divorce. The objective is to restore the relationship between the child and the rejected parent, ensure the child has a healthy relationship with both parents, and improve the child’s overall functioning. This approach may include psycho-education, coaching, facilitating contact, and counselling. Meetings will be held with the entire family in various combinations over time, as warranted. Therefore, it is important that both parents are prepared to engage in this process. The child is helped to feel free to experience a relationship with both parents. The child’s best interests are paramount.


In most circumstances, the parents provide a copy of a court order or consent order for reunification therapy, any existing Custody and Access Assessment Report and Parenting Plan, and any other relevant documentation involving the family situation. Both parents will need to sign a Retainer Agreement that describes this process in detail and provide a retainer. Fees are typically split between parents.

father and children