Separation and Divorce Therapy

(with or without your ex)

Have you decided to separate and not sure what to tell your children? Has your spouse just told you they want out, which completely shocked you? Have you been separated for several months and remain stuck in the past? Are you unsure about how to manage the legal process with a difficult ex? Do you have co-parenting issues with an ex who drives you crazy?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this service could be helpful to you. You will have the opportunity to clarify your thoughts and feelings and learn how to cope in the face of one of the most stressful life events. You will be provided with guidance on the various legal options available for divorce. You will learn tips on how to manage and help your children and how to move through and past the roller coaster ride that is often experienced in this difficult life transition.


Common issues in the context of a separation/divorce that could be addressed in therapy:

•    What to tell the children

•    Helping children adjust to the changing family

•    Co-parenting

•    Coping with anger, resentment, mistrust, loss, abandonment, betrayal, shock

•    Letting go of hopes and dreams

•    Managing fear of the future

•    Creating a new sense of family

•    Taking on a new identity

•    New beginnings (dating, new relationships, second and subsequent marriages, blended families, step-parenting)

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